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We bring out the best of your business, products, and services aided with exemplary advertising campaigns with coherent objectives and measurable KPIs. We work on offering transparency with monthly completion and progress reports for all your marketing campaigns. Our objective is to get you quality website inquiries and to create genuine leads at further incorporates an improvement of your website, online adjustment, and reporting. With us, you can maximize your leads out of a fixed budget. Low-cost analysis lets you measure you achievement and gauge your PPC campaign.

Creating your Favorable Brand Reputations with Wondrous PPC Campaigns

Be sure to segment your PPC campaigns depending on the number and type of products you offer – Yorgo Petsas

Search Engine PPC

We offer PPC campaigns across, Yahoo!, Bing and Google and instantly place your ads on the first page of search engine results:

  • Instant placement
  • Lead generation


Through remarketing we target those people who had previously visited your site but couldn’t complete the transaction. In this way, majority of the customer revisit the website to complete their transactions.

  • Convert visitors into clients
  • Out-of-ordinary branding

Display Ads

Through display ads, we offer you to promote your business on high-traffic websites which leads your potential customers to visit regularly. Your Text Ads and Banners targets specific demographics based on the area you choose for your product or services to be promoted.

  • Substantial customer reach
  • High-quality graphical ads

Mobile Advertising

Leading websites get 60% of consumer traffic from mobile devices. Due to changing trends and growing demand, the Text Ads and graphical mobile banners and have become a need of time.

  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Click-to-call from the phone

Youtube Ads

The credit goes to Google that it has become much easier for agencies to accurately target their potential clients based on their selection of videos. With Brand Reshape, we let you connect with your new audience, strengthen the existing consumers, promote your brand, and increase conversion rate.

  • Advanced targeting options
  • Video ads with call-to-action

Product Listing Ads

We setup up product ads with Google Adwords to bring drive traffic to your store. Drive traffic to your online store by setting up product ads with Google Adwords. Product Ads attract consumers and get a pre-qualified buyer even before they visit your website or store.

  • Maximum customers reach
  • Improved graphical ads

Release your worries and let our experts take control of your PPC, thus adding on to your ROI!