Most Effective Digital Marketing Solutions To Grow Businesses Of All Sizes!

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If you’re a small-to-midsized business or an established enterprise with the marketing needs of both at your fingertips, then you want to make the most of your online strategies, right? But what if you don’t have a solid strategy? What would you do to ensure maximum results from the strategies you may use? We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide along with digital marketing tips for business that not only ensures results, but also help you grow your business!

So What are the Most Effective Ways to Grow Business?

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So without any further ado, let’s get started with the most effective digital marketing solutions that will help you grow your business at a fast pace!

Identify Your Target Audience Correctly

To be able to determine your target audience and to carry out communication studies specific to the target audience; One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing when compared to traditional marketing. If you do not determine your target audience well, the potential return of your digital marketing investments will not be at the desired level. 

Google Analytics

In order for the measurement and analysis in digital marketing to be carried out properly, conversion setups must be made and advertising management must be optimized according to these analyzes. The number of users who buy your products and services is as important as the number of visitors to your site. In this regard, it is of great importance to constantly analyze and determine the right audience.

Each customer/client is unique, so your marketing strategy should be too. Analytics within Google Analytics allows you to customize reports to highlight data that pertains to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Moreover, you can connect online advertising accounts to website data to track which digital channels are generating the most leads for your business. 

With Google Analytics, you have the ability to create custom audiences in remarketing campaigns that are run through Google Ads. This all-in-one tool can be helpful, but it’s important to note that you may occasionally need to work with teams of people who specialize in different areas such as a professional digital marketing agency. Also, Google Analytics is free to use, that makes it the right solutions for your business growth!

Google makes it easy to get a ton of wonderful statistics and information regarding your own site’s performance. Here are a few of our favorite additional Google Analytics resources: 

  • Data Studio – Beautiful, customizable reports all in one place.
  • Optimize – Test different message variations to give your audience what they want most.
  • Surveys – Get feedback from those who matter the most: the customers!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a comprehensive and a free suite that provides you with the kind of data you’d normally have to pay for. It’s got tons of different solutions, including: analytics dashboards for website traffic, indexing and other on-site optimizations. The way it works is simple, too. You fill out a form and Google will generate an account for you. You can then use that account to see how your website is doing in terms of overall performance across multiple measures, find out how many pages are indexed or if any links or assets are missing or old. Privacy isn’t a concern – they only see what you want them to see!

You can use Google Search Console to verify that your website is properly set up for SEO. This is particularly useful for webmasters who manage multiple websites, as it enables them to ensure their site architecture is consistent across pages. Even better, webmasters may now add a sitemap to Google Search Console and submit it for reconsideration when their site has been updated.

Use of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is known online as an extremely useful marketing solution that’s tailored to work with Google Analytics and Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). One of the most advantageous features of Ahrefs is that it gives users detailed insights about the websites you’re trying to drive more traffic for. However, unlike other tools out there, Ahrefs requires a monthly subscription. If you’re interested in finding out if the tool is worth your money, try a seven-day trial first. It would cost you $7 but it’s worth investing.

Like Google Search Console, Ahrefs can also provide critical updates that you may otherwise be unaware of in the search engine reputation management field. Recently, Google Chrome has been forcing extensions to only function if they are hosted on the Web Extensions website. This move protects users by blocking malicious or unwanted programs from being installed.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Perhaps the best digital marketing solution that will surely help you get through! We know it can be hard to decide which social media platforms are right for your business or brand, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Many different kinds of social media exist – some are places where people go in order to keep up with trends and popular things going on in the world, while others are purpose built for use in fields such as literature or geology. 

The key here is not to overdo it – if you try linking yourself (and your service or product) to all relevant social media accounts, this can actually hurt more than help – so all you need to do is choose a few that will help you achieve your goals, set up these profiles with some great photos or videos, and then market yourself on them!

Display Advertising Works Great!

Display advertising can be a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers when they browse other websites. You can create, publish, manage and track ads on the Google display network.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Choose good images to attract attention and increase clicks.
  • Make it clear that users can click the ad and what happens when they do. Does your ad take them to your homepage or directly to a product page?

Focus on Collaboration

One of the fastest ways to change your company’s digital marketing culture is to develop intra-company collaboration.

Let’s take the sales team as an example. Sales teams regularly contact their customers and present the solutions they work for in line with customer demands. They have an active role in the customer-organization interaction process. It is the unit with the most information about shaping the marketing content from the first interaction with the customer. Therefore, a high level of cooperation between the sales team and the project management team is required for maximum customer satisfaction.

Use of Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Digital Marketing

The use of technological devices and software in business life makes our lives easier every day. Now, marketers use artificial intelligence to create customer analytics and campaign content. In fact, most of the brands can answer their customers’ questions with virtual assistants. Or they can even provide answers with chatbots. 

For this reason, the superior ability of artificial intelligence to transform the way it interacts with consumers into marketing opportunities attracts the attention of today’s digital marketing professionals. Some companies even provide virtual assistant support to their employees, thereby increasing employee and brand productivity.

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Provide Successful and Uninterrupted Communication

 Communicating and interacting with customers correctly has a distinctive effect among digital marketing advantages. A correct and functional communication between employees leads to unity within the team and the creation of the right messages that directly reach the target audience is thus ensured. In addition, communication, which is effective for your comfort in the transformation of your company, is your priority in many digital strategies and marketing that you will organize.

Paid Search Ads

Having a great website helps you perform higher in search results organically. However, you can also get to the top of the results page by using paid search ads tied to a set of keywords related to your brand.

The great advantage of such networks is that you pay for every click on your ad. This is why these ads are known as pay-per-click or PPC. Search ads involve advertising in a high-visibility domain, earning an automatic auction that takes into account the price-per-click you bid for a particular keyword and the quality of your site.

You can create and publish an ad online in a matter of minutes using similar offers from Yahoo and Bing, as well as the most widely used platforms such as Google Ads.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Find the keywords your ideal customers will search for. Start with a specific description of the products or services you sell and include your location to help you target the most likely customers.
  • Set your maximum daily budget. Keep in mind that popular keywords can have high cost-per-clicks.
  • Use conversion tracking. If an ad doesn’t support traffic or sales, improve it and keep testing.

The Right Omni-Channel Transformation Strategy Implementations

You have many channels when contacting your customers. Each of them is managed by different teams, with a different perspective and success criteria. So, how is the customer experience among these channels? Is your brand experience consistent across channels? Do your processes support each other? Is the customer a priority or does he feel alone among the priorities and processes of different departments? 

Digital marketing is a process that covers many channels on the web, and each medium has different usage tools and usage features. Awareness of your brand, in line with the goals of your campaign; Plan your channel selection, media management and content strategy. Find out which channels can add value to your brand. In line with your goals for your brand, if the channels you use are clear and clear, it will be more beneficial to try to move your brand to a better position in your focus channel instead of investing in another channel.

The right selection of omni-channels is vital in important to transform your business and make it convenient for every perspective!

Together with our team, which has gained similar experience in transformation processes of leading domestic and international companies, we design the user-oriented transformation of your omni-channel strategy, business model and processes, the harmonization of technology and culture, and the transformation of your leadership models. Most importantly, we contribute to your business by measuring their impact.

Native Advertisement

Native advertising is the term used for a type of ad that only resembles and looks like the content surrounding it. Too many ads on social media count as “native”, especially if the style and sound of the ad is similar to the content surrounding it. Sponsored content is another important local stream, and in fact many online publishers have come to rely on it as an important revenue stream.

Large-scale publisher partnerships are probably unrealistic for a small business. However, if you have something useful and interesting to say about a specific topic about your business, you can explore having a suitable third-party site with a similar target market for you to post your blog articles or any video content you make as advertisers.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing activities that use digital technologies. The digital world is constantly evolving and so are digital marketing strategies. There are many digital marketing solutions available and choosing the right one can be difficult. However, by understanding your business needs and researching the available solutions, you can make an informed decision and find the right digital marketing solution for your business.

We, at Brand Reshape offers exclusive digital marketing services and harmonize your brand and business model with content suitable for customer behavior that transforms with a different approach to the needs and habits of each company and each target audience! 

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